Trafic ticker at the station's platform.

Until the re-erection of the memorial which is currently in renovation a LED based ticker will display all the names of the deads. This are 190 names in total, some of them, like for instance Ludwig Huber, sound very familiar in that region. The idea with the luminescent ticker provokes at first hand associations with the works by Jenny Holzer, but it has a close site-specific reference. The LED display is mounted in one of the skylights of the artist’s studio, which faces the platform. There LED tickers display the recent train traffic information. This visual play with familiar displays comprises more than an element of irritation, it is also a reference to the station as location, where a lot of soldiers said a finaly good-bye to their families.

Interactive map indicating the date and the location of death of the soldiers of Oppenau. About every 10th male inhabitant died in the war. The map is still in construction.

12 August 2014 Inauguration of the temporary memorial displaying all the 190 names of the war deads from Oppenau. In this occasion of this commemoration ceremony the radio (SWR) editor Willi Keller will read poems written in the first months of war. Start : 19 :30, free entry.
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On of the three plates of the memorial listing the names of the deads of war sorted by the year and the village of the parish. The names are listed in the LED display according to the same order.